Ghost Hunters SouthWest 2020
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Press Media Notice:- Ghost Hunters Southwest only accept contact from those who are interested in joining the group or wishing to give details of their experiences.

We are a married couple who live in Taunton, Somerset (UK), we have been investigating the paranormal for many years now and have gained a lot of experience in the subject. Both of us are in our mid 50’s and have always had an interest in the strange events that some people report. We have both experienced the paranormal at some time and I expect you have too, that’s why you’re here right now!

You may recall our site from a few years ago of the same url, well we’ve got it back, and shortly the site will be filling up again.

In the early days a student production team came to meet us and the interview is still available on youtube, you can view it here.

Who Are We?