Christine’s Story

A few years ago I was sat downstairs of NatWest bank in Taunton, people were passing in and out. Suddenly there was a lady standing sideways right in front of me, just standing there staring straight ahead to outside.

I remember thinking how out of place she looked just standing there, she was very old her face pale and drawn the bottoms of her eyes receded exposing the inside of her eyes, grey hair tied up in a bun at the top. She was tall and standing very straight and wearing all black to her ankles, I thought for an old lady standing so straight and wearing all black very out of place. Then she started moving forward towards the door but but her body was hardly moving almost like a glide, she took about 10 seconds for her to get to the entrance, as she turned left around the corner onto the pavement I got up straight away to see her again and she was gone, no sign of her anywhere.

I looked up the alleyway next to the bank and into the next shop but there was no sign of her  she wouldn't have even got that far because I got up instantly.

I believe it to be the ghost of a Victorian lady ,if anyone else have seen this lady/ghost I would love to hear from you.

Pete Escott

When I was about 17 on my way home from work, driving along cold road near west hatch, I saw a bright white figure on the side of the road so I slowed down. It appeared to be a woman completely dressed in white old fashioned clothing, I couldn’t take my eyes off as I drove past. I couldn’t bring myself to turn around to have another look! I just drove home in complete shock

GHSW - We are aware of reports along this stretch of road that match this one.

Ashley-Louise Guppy

I’ve seen what looks like a tall figure with a long dark coat on outside the pub, on the edge of the road in Kingston St. Mary. Checked back and no one there.

Rebecca Wilson

The Priory in Wells; it's now NHS offices, but on the top floor when I was working late one Saturday I went to the toilet and sat on the top stair was a child in what can only be called a white smock with a bedraggled teddy. It use to be a workhouse.

Chrissy Faery

We've had a lot of spooky experiences in our house in Comeytrowe, spanning the past 30 years! Our resident ghost is an old lady who seems to be from the Victorian era. Sometimes she appears as real as you or I (usually on hot, summer days, when you're least expecting anything spooky to happen!) and at other times we just see her silhouette as she walks by, or hear her footsteps/heavy breathing. Our house is only 40 years old and I was always told that it was just farmland here before...but I've recently been digging our garden, and found the remains of an old building and old bits of pottery too! I think it's all really fascinating! I've also heard ghost tales about the Hankeridge Arms - of a violent poltergeist who likes to throw stuff around there, late at night! This was years ago now, but I know they used to hang people out that way - so perhaps that's why.


Abbeyfield in Bishop’s Hull, residents in room either 12 or 14 would see a lady in a long gown walking the corridor, some night staff saw her too. The manor in Bishop’s Hull many ghostly activity reported in there.