Ghost Hunters SouthWest 2020
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Press Media Notice:- Ghost Hunters Southwest only accept contact from those who are interested in joining the group or wishing to give details of their experiences.

Ghost Hunters South-West Return. We are back, watch this space to learn more, we will be looking for members to help with our investigations in and around Taunton.

If you are aware of any stories of haunting please drop us a line here or go to our contact us page and we will get back to you shortly for a full report/investigation.

We are attempting to recover lost files from our old site but this task is proving difficult. I am sure however it will not take us too long before we have more chilling Voice Phenomenon and Video Evidence at hand.

We will be out and about very shortly in Taunton and the surrounding area searching for all those haunted corners of Somerset. To keep up with us keep checking this site frequently.

Pages will be added as they become available including RSS Feeds and updates, really is worth checking back regularly. If you have any ideas for the site contact us here.

If you have any pictures of a spirit/ghost that you would like us to put on our gallery page send us a copy here and attach the file.

Hi Guys, We’re Back

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